Portable Ramp Rental

We sell, rent, and install portable ramps. Our rental ramps are available at both weekly and monthly rates. If you require help with the installation of a portable ramp, there is an installation fee, though most of our ramps less than 10 ft long require little to no installation. If you are unsure on what length ramp you will need, you can find more information on sizing below.

Ramp Rental Rates:

Ramp Length   Weekly Rental Rate   Monthly Rental Rate
 Longer than 10 ft   Requires Estimate   Requires Estimate
12 ft*   $85   $300
10 ft   $65   $220
8 ft   $40   $140
7 ft   $35   $120
6 ft   $30   $100
5 ft   $30   $100  
4 ft   $25   $80
3 ft   $25   $80
2 ft   $20   $60

Ramp installation costs $25 per 15 minutes.

*12 ft ramp requires delivery and would incur a fee

Rental ramps

Determining Ramp Size

Generally speaking, for every inch of rise of your steps, you need a foot of ramp. You can get away with something a little steeper if the person that needs the ramp is being pushed up the ramp in a wheelchair. If the person needs to wheel themselves up the ramp, is using an electric wheelchair, or is walking with a walker, then a foot of ramp per inch of rise is heavily advised.

If you are unsure what length ramp you will need, there is some information you can include in your rental request that can give us an idea of what size ramp will be best for you:

  • The number of steps the ramp will need to cover
  • The rise and run of your steps, so basically the height of an individual step and the distance between the front and back of an individual step (also known as the tread)
  • If there's anything odd or unusual about the steps, such as varying rise and run for each step or if the steps are unusually squat or steep

There are also some things that can complicate ramp sizing or might require different types of ramps that would be helpful to know. Here are a few examples:

  • If there is a landing at the top of the steps and a door with an additional step up
  • How much space is available for the ramp. An example where this might be problematic is if you need a 10 ft ramp, but there's only a few feet between the bottom of your steps and the street, then there might not be enough clearance and you may need a ramp with a bend.
  • If there's any unusual or difficult terrain
  • If you need railings for the ramp

These are all just a few things to think about when renting a ramp, and any additional information you can provide will help us better service you and get you the right ramp.

It may take us up to three business days to respond to rental requests.